Lose your Name in Wonderland

A Green Musical Sunrise

Credit to Sairuh

I’m pleased to share my new music project: I walk at Random. I recorded two demos, and they can be heard here:

The Gentle Indifference of the World

I hope to record and post more over the holidays.

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4 Comments on “Lose your Name in Wonderland”

  1. Emma Paynter Says:

    Ben! hello :)
    haha so i just happened to come across this and i had a question, and it’s probably going to sound really weird, butttt
    is the title of your song in any way a reference to the stranger by camus? because it’s like an exact quote from the end of the book..
    wow okay i’m really weird.

    oh, p.s. me you and julia should hang out over break! :)

  2. Ben I’ve been waiting for you to record and post more songs over the holidays. What Happened?

  3. Moderating My Comment BEN CMON

  4. Sairuh Says:

    AWESOME!! :D

    (thank you for using my picture too!)

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